How to defeat hardy in Horizon Forbidden West

How to defeat hardy in Horizon Forbidden West

Fucking – this is assignment in Horizon Forbidden West, which you can get, reaching a settlement, known as chain scratch . Upon arrival you need Find Pete Masters Who will give it to you.

Before talking to the Master of the Pit, you need to defeat three other masters of the pit out of burning spear , Bastion as well as Tornmarsh . After the victory over the three Pit Masters and receiving the appropriate labels you can execute instructions in ChainsCrape.

Long battle with boss

  • Recommended level – 32

Endurance is not only an order, but also the name of the experienced warrior, one of which you will need to win to fulfill the instruction. However, its attacks are strong and, probably will destroy you if you are not enough fast to resist each blow.

To maximize your chances of survival, you will need to use Combo destroyer Blokov ( R1 , R1 , R2 ), as well as Resonator Blast . K maintaining pressure as well as Energy accumulation for your spear You can Run a powerful shot from Luke What will apply a sufficient amount of damage.

Keep in mind that Enduring may be incredibly fast, so you need dodge as often as possible . To give yourself more time to move by the arena, Press L1 to open your inventory Screen . It will be slow down the time so that you act accordingly.

Horizon Forbidden West - All Melee Pits (Locations & Challenges) - Defeated the Enduring Trophy
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