What is the Russian game company, which is “invaded side”, is now?

What is the Russian game company, which is “invaded side”, is now?

Currently, Ukraine invasion of Russia, which swings in the world situation. The impact is also spread to the game industry. In addition to companies in Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, game companies centered on Europe and the United States have supported Ukrainian people one after another, and show the attitude to seek peace. On the other hand, Russian game companies do now show many movements?

Russia’s Ukrainian invasion started from February 24, and its trends were reported all at once. Immediately after that, we announce the statement where we are based in Ukraine Kyiv or the base where the base is pointing to the war one after another. In addition, the GSC Game World, “S. T. A. L. K.E.r. 2” developed, has also had an impact on temporary interruption development of the same work under the influence of war (related articles). Companies from around the world also represent the support to Ukraine one after another. In Japan, Pokemon Co., Ltd. announced a donation of $ 200,000 (approximately 23 million yen). Overseas, game companies such as CD ProJekt and Embracer Group expressed donations to humanitarian support groups. Furthermore, Microsoft, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, etc., have implemented game sales and commerce stop and restrictions in Russia (related articles).

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While the wind is in the world, Russia’s game companies are currently in the situation? The reaction seems to be different. First of all, some companies developing globally include some statement. “WAR Thunder”, known as development and operation source, Gaijin Entertainment has revealed the politics and distance to place politics as “praying in the world peace and safety” in the statement of February 28th. The company has a branch office in Germany Cyprus Hungary Latvia, based on Russian capital Moscow. Also, OWLCAT Games based in Russia and Cyprus also announced that he touched as a “tragic event” about a series of situations, and promotes social media posting. An article for the Cloud Funding Supportor of “Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous” has been communicating the situation where it can not be sent under the influence of sanctions against Russia. Some of these manufacturers are expanding foreign countries, and there will be aspects that show their attitude as a company.

Also, a relatively small-scale Russian domestic developer can also see a voice. Based in Moscow, Ice-pick Lodge who worked on the “Pathologic” series will post a statement on February 28th. He says that “Russian sides have opened” and we are making a voice of peace while criticizing the government. In addition, Euphoria Games based in Russian Caluga announces a statement at VKontakte, a country’s SNS. He conveys the opinions close to Ukraine and clear the posture against the war and complain of peace.

There is also concern to announce these statements for Russia-based organizations. For example, in Russia, the speech pressure is increasing. When expressing invading invasion by Russia, local independent media using “invasion” and “war” and other expressions are punishable by access restrictions to the website and fine. With these impacts, information such as local media critical to the administration is also conveyed (NHK). In other words, in the current Russia, just criticizing the administration, just expressing the war as “war”, it is possible to be well considered that some sanctions can be added. The local studio giving a voice is rare, and the developers based in Russia are basically silencing. There will be fewer organizations that can lose your voice back from the government.

In addition, the developers based in Russia are also facing economic buildings. Like OWLCAT Games above, it is one of the ways to disrupt logistics for Russian and foreign. In addition, Matsuyama Western, Cyber ​​Connect-to-Cedral Director, Matsuyama Western, February 28, “I can not deposit Russia to Russia, and I can not remit to a Russian translator who worked.” Tell us that the game industry also affected the impact of war. Russian studios will not be avoided by unstable situations.

Governments and companies Pressure to Russia continues to grow on a day. Russian economic confusion is also immeasurable. On the other hand, Ukrainian developer and people who receive invasion are also exposed to the crisis of life. This war is still continuing to damage every other field, including the game industry.

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