How to use Serena Wolffort – Triangle Strategy Guide

How to use Serena Wolffort – Triangle Strategy Guide

Serena Wolffort causes strong physical damage, expected from Triangle Strategy The main character. His fence officer’s abilities are not equal in the game, and its characteristics, including attack, protection and speed, high. He is indispensable for your team anyway.

Strategy for Serena Wolffort

Triangle Strategy Beginner Tips

The ability of Serena Default, Delayed Strike , will drive a little less damage than his ordinary attack by the sword, but the enemy will delay the action. If there is only one TP (point of rotation), this move is worth using every time you start. Enemy armies will be significantly difficult.

Its pursuit stand The ability studied at the third level will increase the strength and accuracy of subsequent serenity attacks. The strategic positioning of the separation of Sernea is key – place it next to the purpose of your attacking ally, and it will use its complementary attack for the same purpose. With this ability, you can reverse the course of any battle.

But Serinea studies a number of powerful abilities with an increase in level. Havitled dive at the fifth level – a spectacle that makes a serious damage to one closest enemy, especially if it is performed with an elevation. The confrontation studied at the seventh level, gives a chance to drive a retaliatory blow when the enemy hitting the opponent’s impact, and at the tenth level – the impressive squeezed strike will destroy all enemies within the achievement of SERINA.

When Serena reaches a level 15, the ability power in numbers will increase its attack force whenever the allies are close. So, since the sernema will be in the thick of the battle, make sure that he has the necessary support. Use the healer or Benedict whose ability to “rabid bull” can raise the Sinea attack even higher.

Improvement class and improvement

Class of Salea Wolffort Default: Fenceman But it can be enhanced to swordsman with one courage medal at the tenth level. At the level of 20, it can be upgraded to Moster with a courage with a courage. And with a sufficient amount of iron and coins for the forge in the camp you can raise the rank of weapons of sullen, along with any of your chosen characteristics.

You may find that the Promotion of Serena will be vital, regardless of your preferred game style, but if you like the challenge, you can generally neglect them. Use the strengths of the serulent strategically, and the awards will be sweet.

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