Konami is “Castlevania Advance Collection” Standardless Steam Deck-Statement-But the user-behaved report

Konami revealed that “ Castlevania Advance Collection ” recorded four “ Devil Castle Dracula ” series of series is not supported by “ Steam Deck “. However, the user seems to be checked by the user.

In the STEAM Community News section, “Castlevania Advance Collection” is not supported for STeam Deck, “Software is not compatible with Steamos”, and the warning of purchasing is carried out. Is.

However, the behavior of this work is confirmed by Youtuber “Gaming On Linux”, which plays a game in a Linux environment. Save seems to be able to perform normally.

This is operating with a compatible layer “Proton” installed in a Steam Deck that can execute the game for Windows on Linux. It is not possible to be officially supported because it is compatible only, but STEAM DECK users can not buy much without worrying too much.

In STeam, a page indicating whether the game in his library can operate on Steam Deck is released, and anyone is accessible. Sales in Japan are likely to be ahead, but how should I check the purchase first?

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