How to hire Julio Raitman in Triangle Strategy

How to hire Julio Raitman in Triangle Strategy

Although at first glance with the Whiteholm castle, everything may seem well, corruption seems to be going on. Recently, Prince of Frassi and Patriatte started dubious financial transactions, as a result of which a significant number of coins were missing in royal records. Fortunately, there is one person who has dedicated himself to protect the integrity and crown, and Glenbruk in general… Julio Wrightman . Here’s how to hire Julio Rightman in a triangle strategy.

Note: follow the secondary spoilers about Julio Wrightman.

Hulio Wrightman, Assistant Royal Minister

Where to find and recruit Julio Rightman

The story of Hulio’s character may appear on the world map, starting with Chapter V: invaded Darkness Although only once convictions of Sernea have reached enough strong alignment with freedom cost. If the story of Hulio’s character does not appear for you in Chapter V, do not worry – continue to strengthen the convictions of Salea, passing the main plot of the game or participating in imitation battles and in the end it will suit this young crown assistant.

As soon as he appeared, just to see the history of the character , learn about corruption in the royal court and attempts to hoolio to stop her, which prompted him to seek refuge on audience in the young Lord Wolffort. Salea welcomes Julio in the House of Wolffortes with open arms, learning about his distress. Unlock it as a gaming character .

abilities hulio ritman

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Using the Stationery, which he developed, working with the Minister of Glenbrok, Julio can turn the battlefield, provision of TP allies or steal from enemies. His initial weapons – a curved blade similar to Yatagan weapons, ideal for the destruction of enemies. Grants “Moment of Truth” one TP allies together with Increasing their strength and a magical attack for three turns.

On the other hand, NOT On My Watch offers physical damage one enemy, while reducing their TP per unit . Julio is an excellent support character, acting as an additional source of teleportation for your characters during the battle and completing opponents. If you are interested in the ability to constantly use spells without losing TP, do not forget to add Julio to Wolffort, while it is possible!

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