How to get Katana in Roblox Da Hood

How to get Katana in Roblox Da Hood

Using weapons to protect yourself and your home is the main part of what makes it Hood and his strict style of the game that intrigues many players. From machine guns to grenade launchers, from baseball bits to peers and even from flamethrower to Katan – Arsenal, available to collecting players, is huge. Of the variety of artillery guns, Katana uses the greatest demand. So what happened to him? Continue to read below to learn more about the sad fate of this favorite weapon fans.

Katana details

Katana still available?

Unfortunately, at the time of publication of this article there is no possibility to get Katan in Da Hood. This weapon was available only for a limited time and was completely removed in January 2022. Katana was added in the New Year’s New Year’s update of 2021 and was initially unlocked during December 2021.

How did people unlocked Katan when she was in yes Hood?

How to get the New Katana in Da Hood

To find out where you could find Katan during a festive event, watch the video on YouTube from the user weaving below.

will ever come back Katana?

Although it is unlikely that Katana will return to DA HOOD in the near future, it is likely that in the fall or in the winter of 2022 it can be re-added as another festive exclusive weapon. Developers often pay attention when players create follovers around a certain in-game subject, weapon or character, so it is quite possible that in the future we will see Katan again.

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