High-speed Cyber Punk ACT “GHOSTRUNNER” DLC “Project_Hel” distribution start-new level, boss, new playable character

505Games started delivery of paid DLC Project_Hel ” of Fast Parcool ACT GHOSTRUNNER ” on March 4th.

This work is a livelihood of beautiful cyberpunk world view and high difficulty pulco action, but this paid DLC is a new story, new level and boss, and battle that appears in the main “Ghostrunner” “Ghostrunner” HEL “can be operated as a new playable character.

Since a ruthless “HEL” is equipped with a gap jammer (grapping hook), we will promote the jump and dash with excellent capabilities. Operate “HEL” and experience “GHOSTRUNNER” with seven new levels, four new enemies, new bosses, and so far.

“Ghostrunner” Paid DLC “Project_Hel” is distributed for 1,480 yen for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series x | S.

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