Dr Disrespect says no one is so good in Elden Ring as he

Dr Disrespect says no one is so good in Elden Ring as he

The action role-playing elden ring continues to float on a large wave of success, which does not stop even before streaming platforms like Youtuba Gaming. Accordingly, it is little surprising that even such streaming stars like Dr Disrespect jump on the current hype train. However, he goes a step further and claims that no player is better in Elden Ring than he.

That has said Dr Disrespect in the stream to Elden Ring

Recently, the streamer hosted a 11-hour stream, which has been very extensive with Elden Ring. At some point he started to bother in the direction of his streaming colleague Félix “XQC” Lengyel and even claimed to be the current best player at Elden Ring .


_ “I could even be the best player at Elden Ring_ _sein. I’m doing all this with Level 28 or 29? XQC is somewhere at Level 99. He has to engage someone to hurt for him away from the stream. (… ) I’m so sorry to be overlooked as a doubt champion in terms of my gaming skill. I literally the best sniper in the story of the first-person shooter. If I touch these simple singleplayer games, you can see the result. ” _

However, these statements of him are probably meant above all provocative to lure XQC a little out of the reserve. In addition, Dr Disrespect is familiar to measure mainly in multiplayer shooters with other players and do not find pure singleplayer games very well. The action role-playing elden ring, despite his supposedly so great skills, has not played out anyway **.

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