Dead by Daylight updates New Killer before its launch

Dead by Daylight updates New Killer before its launch

Beall in the light of the day, the newer killer, the onryō of the Sadako Chapter, has already been updated before its launch. This is because this week was launched a new update on the game test servers to further refine the game style and the skills of The Onryō now that the players have had the opportunity to try it for a while. The launch date of the chapter has not changed after this update, so it can still expect The Onryō to launch on March 8.

The patch notes for the last update of Public Test Build were shared this week to show everything that had changed with respect to the new Killer. For those who have not yet played like The Onryō because they do not participate in the test servers and simply wait for the new content to be launched, the changes will not mean so much. However, if you were not sure of buying the new chapter, the changes could be more promising, as it is translated greatly into improvements for different parts of the killer kit.

Below are all the changes that are coming for the new Killer before the launch of the next chapter. To obtain context about what these terms and skills mean, you may want to consult the summary of your advantages and powers to familiarize yourself first with the murderer. Context of why the changes were made You can see here through the publication in the _porte in light of the day


  • The loading time of the manifesto was reduced 1.5 seconds (instead of 2.5 seconds).
  • Demonifest load time was reduced to 1.5 seconds (instead of 2.5 seconds).
  • The transition from the speed of movement was softened by manifesting itself.


  • Decrease in maximum visible reach while it was dismissed 24 m (ERA 32 m)
  • The horror radius was reduced 24 m (instead of 32 m)


  • The intensity of the visual effects of the Onryō attack was reduced.
  • The intensity of the visual effects of Condemned was reduced, both on the screen and in Survivor.
  • The intensity of the screen effects in the lobby was reduced.
  • Improvements to the Mini-Mori transition from The Onryō

Parent orientation

  • The duration of the parent guide was reduced to 5/6/7 seconds (instead of 8/9/10 seconds).

New Ringu Killer
Note that the parent orientation section refers to the benefit itself and not to a warning for parents. “Photosensitivity”, however, is neither an advantage nor a power and refers instead to the effects used with The Onryō’s skills. Behavior Interactive said that these changes are “purely visual and do not affect balance.”

The launch of Onryō is scheduled for March 8 as part of the Sadako_ lifting.

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