How to execute Irina Quest in Elden Ring?

How to execute Irina Quest in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring contains a variety of NPCs that will give you side quests that need to be performed throughout your travel. Unfortunately, Elden Ring does not contain a quest log or card goals for tracking these quests, so it may be difficult to find out what quests you started or even to complete them.

Irina – NPC, which you meet at the entrance to Peninsula Crying, immediately behind the bridge of sacrifices. . She sits at the main road leading to Morne’s castle. Talking with Irina, you will learn what happens in Morne’s castle, located on this main road, and about her father, Edgar, Commander Morne castle. Irina will ask you to deliver the letter to Edgar if you find it in Morne Castle.

Where to deliver the letter Irina?

Morne Castle is located in the southern part of the crying peninsula, wake up the giant with a bow guarding the entrance. Entering the castle, you will need to go through the courtyard and pass by the praying semi-sucks to the staircase leading to the shaft . Follow this path, be careful with two flying seats, and you will see another staircase on the left. At the end of this way, Edger can can be found sitting on top of the tower.

After you deliver the letter and exhaust the Affordable Edgar dialogue, you will need to defeat the Boss of Morne Castle, Leonid illegitimate . Once done, return to Edgar And let him know that his duty to protect the lock is made.

Return to Irina.

ELDEN RING - Irina Castle Morne Side Quest (Reuniting Them Questline)
Return to Irina , immediately behind the bridge of sacrifices to execute this quest. Edgar will be here and suggest a little dialogue. At this quest Irina ends, but Edgar will offer you to fulfill your own quest.

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