ELEX 2: How to travel fast

ELEX 2: How to travel fast

While you have a Jetpack in Elex 2 from the beginning, at first, it is only really good at climbing the cliffs. When it comes to visiting that distant settlement in which you have only been once, you will want to travel fast. Do not worry, this guide is about How to travel fast in Elex 2 .

How to travel fast in Elex 2

The best thing about traveling fast in Elex 2 is that it can be done from almost anywhere. You can not teleport you when you are in combat, but you can leave at any other time.

Unlock fast trips is also incredibly simple. In the game, you will see these strange white pillows that do not seem to belong to the most fantastic setting areas of the game.

Simply step on these pads will unlock your use on the map. Each important settlement will have one, even if it can take a little hunt to find it. The game has more than 35 teleporters to find and activate, which gives you a much wider range of the map to travel at any time.

While that unlocks the possibility of fast traveling at Elex 2, the real method involves opening your map and finding the correct icons. Here is an example of a map:

All those pyramids rounded with the point in the middle are fast travel points, just to know how the icon is seen. As you can see, the map is full of fast travel points, which makes it much easier to complete missions later in the game.

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There they have it, all, that’s all they need to know for how to travel fast at Elex 2 . While the fast trip is useful, it will certainly use the jetpack much more frequently, so here we show you how to update said jetpack.

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