“Battlefield 2042” new update will be delivered next week. Return a little more

“Battlefield 2042” new update will be delivered next week. Return a little more

Electronic ARTS was March 2nd, “ BATTLEFIELD 2042 ” followed the following report for update “UPDATE 3.3” next time. The update will be delivered during next week, and until then, the waiting Weekly Mission will continue to stop.

“Battlefield 2042” is the latest work of multiplayer FPS “Battlefield” series. This work continues to point out about defects and performance issues from users after the release of November 19 last year. Developing source EA / DICE continuously moves to correction and improvement. The next UPDATE 3.3 will include adding scoreboards that have many requests from users.

According to the announcement by this EA, UPDATE 3.3 is delivered during next week. Although it was originally scheduled to be distributed this week, it has decided to postpone because there was a problem over the weekend. The same update was earned by the delivery from late February. However, after February 3, postponements to March were announced, and this time it was announced this time. Within the observation range of the author, the delivery time of the update was originally guided as “Early March”. Although the interpretation is a wide expressive expression, it may have been postponed because it was born in mid-March by delivering next week.

In addition, with the postponement of Update 3.3, it is continued to be usable for the Weekly Mission scheduled to return from this week. The same content that can be rewarded by clearing the goal of the weekly was stopped from last week due to Ukrainian invasion by Russia (Related Articles). It is said that it will be available simultaneously with the same update delivery next week. Also, “SteadFast Exclusive Legendary Bundle” that has been announced as a compensation associated with one postponement is also distributed with update delivery. This is subject to this work “Gold Edition” “Ultimate Edition” buyer, YEAR 1 PASS owner, and EA PLAY Pro subscriber.

Battlefield 2042 New Content CANCELLED? Battlefield 2042 NEWS Update Delayed

“Battlefield 2042” Next update “UPDATE 3.3” will be delivered next week. I would like to pray that this time will be delivered without anything.

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