Confirmed! This marvel

Confirmed! This marvel

Marvels Nearest large movie will be Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness and already the first trailers and pictures from the superhero spectacle offer a lot of material for speculation. As the title already reveals, it will be Doctor Strange (Buy Now) with several parallel worlds to do that all your own versions of already contain known characters .

So fans have long been speculating who will get an appearance in the movie. The last trailer , which was shown at Super Bowl 2022 , has taken the most for a purple. In it, fans want to have a mysterious voice that could intress a new age for the Marvel Cinematic Universe . And this agreed now has confirmed what many fans liked to suspect.

Patrick Stewart confirms his role in Doctor Strange 2

Like so many in front of him, Sir Patrick Stewart tried to demonstrate the rumors about his participation in a Marvel movie. After fans recognized his voice in the last trailer for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, he had to deny a role in interviews:

_ “I do not often look into social media […] but I had many news, friends and people, which I hardly know, asked if I was. […] We will probably have to wait.” _

Nobody had to wait too long, for almost a week after his last statement, Stewart has now officially confirmed to see in the trailer. In an interview with “Jake’s Takes” on YouTube, the actor opened openly over his participation in the film and the reactions of the fans as they discovered him in the trailer:

_ “Well, I had turned off my phone when it happened, so I did not hear anything. Only when I woke up the next morning and looked at my phone, I realized that I was bombarded with reactions and that my PR people were bombed Had sent reactions that they had developed in detail and forwarded to me. “_

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Stewart was surprised that the fans recognized him so fast, for as he said in the interview, were only his shoulder and his earlobe. He himself would not have recognized himself in the trailer:

_ “I did not realize my own voice, she sounded different. If I had a cold or something else then I did not know. But I was amazed, and everything she saw was the back of my shoulder, and I believe, my earlobe, nothing else. “_

The X-Men officially arrived in the MCU

This interview now confirmed what many were already thinking: the “X-Men” come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because Patrick Stewart is known among superhero fans, especially through his role as Professor Charles Xavier in the film X-Men from 2000. He is the founder of the “X-Men” and played this role last in 2017 in Logan .

It is assumed that mutants will celebrate their official accession to the MCU . The journey into alternative realities, which Doctor Strange will make in the new film, are also the best background backdrop. For example, there are already rumors that Reed Richards Aka Mr. Fantastic will have an appearance in the movie. For this role, John Krasinski (The Office / A Quiet Place) should have been taken.

But that’s far not the only rumor that circulates about the next “Doctor Strange” movie. We are sure that Doctor Strange is absolutely wild in The Multiverse of Madness. Here is our analysis to all rumors and possible occurrences in the next Marvel blockbuster . Because it could be that we can even see Tom Cruise as Iron.

When does Doctor Strange 2 appear in the cinema?

One of the greatest secrets around the new “Doctor Strange” movie seems to be solved. But that again raises new questions. Which mutants will we see in the movie or in general in the MCU? Will Patrick Stewart stay as “Professor X” or will someone be treated new for a reboot? Some of these questions we will hopefully be from the 4. May 2022 get answered. Because then Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness with us in the cinemas .

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