What is working energy in Lost Ark?

What is working energy in Lost Ark?

Working energy is a resource in Lost Ark, which is used to collect materials and items through trading skills . Trade skills are purchased at around the same time when you perform Korona Lakebar __ Basic story quest.

In pop-up tips, descriptions of skills and game items, labor is sometimes referred to as vital energy . This is the same.

The overall supply of working energy is 10,000 units, but it can be increased by increasing the level of the list. This pool is used together all characters on a specific server But those and levels of your trading skills.

The game has six different trading skills with which you can collect materials, and each of them consumes a different number of working energy every time you collect materials:

  • Gathering
    • Useful stains look like green leaves on your minicar. Costs 10 Energy based on.
  • Logging
    • Registration points are displayed as logs on your ministry. Costs 60 Energy based on.
  • Prey
    • Mint spots look like blue crystals on your minicar. Costs 10 Energy based on.
  • Hunting
    • Areas with hunting animals are marked with an icon Symbol of bear trap in the upper left corner of your card. Costs 84 Energy based on only When you cut the animal.
  • Fishing
    • Fishing Places are marked Fishing hooks on your card or minicar . Without this label, it is impossible to fish anywhere. Costs 44 Energy based on.
  • Excavations
    • Places where you can save relics, marked with a symbol of a stone table in the upper right corner of your card. Costs 62 Energy on the basis Only When you dig up a relic.

How many working energy is restored per day?

30 Work Energy is restored every ten minutes based on. . This means that you reconnect 180 Energy of work per hour as well as 4320 units of working energy within 24 hours .

However, there are alternatives to waiting for the restoration of your working energy. There are various consumables that restore the operating energy of the player. These items:

  • Small potions of vital energy
    • Restores 1000 units of working energy
  • Energy Elixirs Dusky Work
    • Restores 1000 units of working energy
  • Basic vital energy
    • Restores 3,000 WORKEGENGY
  • Main potions of vital energy
    • Restores 5000 units. working energy

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