The new PlayStation patent makes fun of the important update of PS5

The new PlayStation patent makes fun of the important update of PS5

A new PlayStation patent has led to a remarkable update soon for PlayStation 5. Although previously the videogame consoles could only do what allowed their internal components, currently, companies such as Sony and Microsoft have been able to improve consoles occasionally thanks to New firmware updates. And although a new firmware update will not be launched for PS5 in the near future, it seems that the graphic functions of the platform could improve much soon.

Mark Cerny Is Giving The PlayStation 5 A Sexy Graphical Upgrade

Looking recently by the user @ Onion00048 on Twitter, Sony recently presented a new patent associated with PlayStation 5 that could insinuate new graphic capabilities for the system. Specifically, this patent was presented by Mark Cerny, who was the architect of the PS5. The patent itself establishes that Sony is investigating the “Accelerated Ray Tracing” for PS5, which essentially means that the games offered by the ray trace would end up experiencing a considerable improvement. At this time, the ray plot can be found in several different titles in PS5, but its inclusion often has a cost of performance and resolution. According to what has been described in this patent, Sony may have found a way to improve ray tracing without the need to reduce the resolution or performance of a title at the same time.

It is worth emphasizing that, although Sony has now presented this patent associated with the ray tracing for PS5, it does not mean that this function will end up reaching the console. In recent years, Sony has presented several different patents for various technologies associated with PlayStation. And although some of these ideas were implemented with PS5, others simply never materialized. As such, it is difficult to know what to do with this new patent at the moment.

Even so, what do you think about this idea in practice based on how described? Is this something that you would love to see adding to the PS5? Let me know your own reaction in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

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