Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set in a region inspired by Spain

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is set in a region inspired by Spain

Pokémon scarlet and violeta will lead the players to the Pokémon world equivalent to Spain. Today early, The Pokemon Company revealed the new pokon scarlet and violeta games, which will be launched at the end of this year and will present a new region of the world of Pokémon to the players. The new games are the first of a new generation of Pokémon games, and will be a true game of “open world” in which wild nature mixes perfectly with the cities of the new region.

Each region of the world of Pokémon is based on an area or country of the different world. The first four Pokémon games explored different areas of Japan (specifically the regions of Kanto, Kansai, Kyushu and Hokkaido), while the most recent Pokémon games were based on non-Japanese countries. Pokémon white and black was based on the city of New York and its surroundings, pokemon X and Y were based in France, pokémon Sol and Luna were based on Hawaii, and _pokémon sword and shield, based on the United Kingdom. According to a map that is shown in the preview trailer, the new region seems to be based on the Iberian Peninsula, the region where Spain and Portugal are located.

GEN 9 IS IN SPAIN! - Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Region Breakdown!
There are several references to Spanish architecture and reference points in the trailer, from the style of house in which the player’s character lives up to the lake of great size that is more or less analogous to Lake Sanabria in Spain. Other potential points of reference include a version of the Plaza de España in Seville (with a mosaic that presents the different types of Pokémon replacing the mosaics of the real world that represent the various regions of Spain), the Sagrada Familia (the four towers of the Cathedral seem to have inspired one of the great castles in the game), and the windmills of Castilla-La Mancha who starred in the famous don quixote novel.

Clearly, there is a lot we do not know about the new Pokémon games, but players can expect to get more information in the coming months. According to previous marketing programs, we should obtain monthly previews of pokémon scarlet and violeta before the launch of the games at the end of 2022.

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