The Escape from Tarkov update stops the indoor

The Escape from Tarkov update stops the indoor

Escape from Tarkov is constantly receiving new features and updates, and that’s because it is technically still in the beta phase. But a new patch has fixed a number of problems experienced by players, including rain penetrating through buildings, and Scavs, which can go through objects, among other things.

Battlestate Games has solved some important issues to the latest keyboard note on the website of Escape from Tarkov. On the one hand, rain can no longer penetrate through buildings and appear indoors. Other important changes are Scavs that can not go through the train on Lighthouse, the ability to look for players, through bunker walls on reserve, as well as shotguns that sometimes cause no damage if they are in a raid. Players will no longer be able to spam the locking button to move silently – a welcome change for those who are full of rats.

The patch also brings better performance – always welcome to EFT – in the form of optimizations outside the gameplay. Things like the flea market, the hiding and the task screens were all fixed, which means fewer stuttering and drops while navigating.

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In addition to other changes, players can only leave empty containers in the hiding to complete tasks, craftsmanship or constructions so that they no longer accidentally lose their rare equipment. The Scar-L also has new sounds that differ significantly from its larger brother, the Scar-H.

Battlestate Games lately laid its nose on the grindstone, with the last update not only corrects the Lighthouse performance, but also with the announcement that BSG will once again respond to the feedback of the players on Reddit.

Even if this update is small, it is another proof that the Tarkov mania has held in the lately – you just have to look at this story of a fan who founds a company, the Escape from Tarkov Lego models The boss of the game sold to see that. If you want to get in for the first time and ask if your computer can fulfill the system requirements of Escape from Tarkov, you are exactly right with us.

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