“Lineage” Next Update “Aden Sensei” March 2nd Implementation decision! Special sites are also released

Ne Si Japan is online games for PCs operated by your company Next update update for “Lineage” “Aden intense change” is implemented on March 2, and special site has been released..

Basic play with more than 20 years of basic play Online game “Lineage”. In this update, a class of hunting “Lauu Castle Dungeon” for high-level party is implemented in all classes, and classes that existing skills improve performance with high levels of item production materials that can get mythous weapons with low probability. It is said that care is done.

# ◆ Next update “Aden intense” March 2nd implementation decision

  • Special Site: https: // UPDATE/
  • Official site:

■ Update date and time

March 2, 2022 (Wednesday) During regular maintenance

■ Overview

The next update “Aden intense” is implemented by the new dungeon “Round Castle Dungeon”.

“Luu Castle Dungeon” is a party hunt hunting for high levels, and the product production material “Ancient God’s idea” and new equipment item “Demon God’s Manto” and “Lauchi 3 The boots (resuscitation) of the world are dropped with a low probability. Also, class care is performed in all classes, and in addition to the performance improvement of existing skills, some classes also implement new skills.

Please take a look at the new dungeon “Round Castle Dungeon” and Class Care information today at the special site released today. Details will be exposed on the update day of Wednesday, March 2 (Wednesday).


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