Hertha BSC sinks in the chaos: Korkuty crisis, crossshots of the investor

Hertha BSC sinks in the chaos: Korkuty crisis, crossshots of the investor

Hertha BSC is in the crisis. Korkuty, it runs Mies, the investor complains, the coronavirus beats. The focus is on coach Tayfun Korkut also Managing Director Fredi Bobic.

“What’s going on now? Suddenly the Berlin’s light wax and press the lead.” This is how it stands in the campground for the final match of the 23rd matchday of the Football Bundesliga between Hertha BSC and RB Leipzig. Noted in the 50th minute, shortly after the 1: 1 equalizer of Stevan Jovetic.

Shortly after the half-time break, in a game against the Champions League aspirant, in which hardly anyone had set a much cited chanterelle on the team from Berlin. For good reasons.

Hertha is one of the largest worry children of the league. Slipped in place 15, in ten games under coach Tayfun Korkut brought only nine points, only two games (against Bielefeld and the BVB) won.

The results of the second half of the game against Leipzig: 1: 3, 0: 0, 1: 4, 1: 1, 1: 2 – Not even against the newcomer and pitched Table Last Greuther Fürth, Hertha is last.

Corona Chaos at Hertha BSC

Now it is not that the Hertha basically plays terrible football. Further development under cork must be recognized. Approaches of better football, will, even openive crowd – but not over 90 minutes. As with the 1: 1 against Bochum. The team can be overpassed too often, concedes light goals.

A trifle, an unexpected action of the opponent, a gate and hertha is from the concept. It is a greater smallness against Leipzig, which brings the blatant turn.

To all the uncertainties, the next Corona shock: Kevin-Prince Boateng, Maximilian Mittelstädt, Lukas Klinter, Marvin Plattenhardt, Jurgen Ekkelenkamp and Dongjun Lee are positively tested positive, South Serdar and Niklas were already as Corona Defects known. On the bench, only myziane Maolida and Davie Selke sit out of the first team.

A hull team against the Europa League participant. One was considered to apply for a game laying, so bobic. “Of course that is not ideal,” confesses cork. “The last who whines, I will be. We have to make the best of it.”

“The result is really madness”

But “the best” is far too little. No quarter of an hour after the compensation, it goes downhill. Marc-Oliver Kempf tears Christopher Nkunku in the penalty area from behind – red, penalty, leadership for Leipzig. “One would have to separate the game in two parts. Once the phase to the red card, which was of course shaping, and then afterwards,” is Kulkut’s conclusion. There are four more opposing. Final 1: 6. Only three minutes after his transformed penalty, Nkunku meets a second time, then Dani Olmo, Amadou Haidara and Yussuf Poulsen goals are also shooting. The first leg was 0: 6.

“We are brutally disappointed, that’s clear. The result is really madness,” says Fredi Bobic, Managing Director of Korkut. “We saw two different games. One until 2: 1 and one afterwards. To the red card, the guys have everything out.” An insight that does not help.

60 Reasonable minutes are not enough. 60 minutes in which Hertha does not play magic football, the well-known problems in the game build – but after all defensively is quite good. But it is not enough. Neither in the fight against the descent, nor in general criticism around the club.

Hertha BSC like the HSV?

Ex-HSV player Sergej Barbarz compared the location at Hertha at the end of January in the “Kicker” with that of the HSV from the chaos.

“Since the entry of Lars Windhorst as an investor in the capital, much reminds me of the Hamburg SV at that time, as a major attack on Europe was started with fresh millions of Klaus-Michael Kühne,” wrote Barbarz in a column. The descent like the HSV is “not automatically predicted, but the danger is obvious”.

Even Windhorst does not want to be silent: Since the summer of 2019 he has provided 375 million euros via his Tennor Group. Instead of uphill with new Star players, it is stable downhill with overpriced false purchases, which partially continued again. The investor is that the Champion League dreams pronounced loudly launched the “Big City Club”. And now bitter is disappointed. Once again.

“I’ve put on it that Hertha Rational and the future thinking people have to say, which also sustainably want the success,” said the entrepreneur the business magazine “Capital”. Instead, “Making Halt and Klüngelei” are the propulsion spring of persons, so his tough judgment. “So far, the investment at Hertha, apart from positive experiences with many members, has only brought disadvantages.”

Hertha BSC: Tayfun Korkut receives backing

Another construction site for Bobic. In addition to the external representation, he has to deal with Windhorst, but at least with criticism at the club, he had expressed them in December himself still in the club’s own TV: “At Hertha it was like on the office: we always did that So we keep it up. “

For Bobic, the current situation is actually a chance to sharpen his profile. To lift off from his predecessor Michael Preetz, who was allowed to work as a record hunter of Hertha for a long time without truly success. The goals for its association would like to continue low, probably not to fail – two deserts still fall into his time – so but the fans angry.

A “Continue so” Bobic can not be asked so far. He has reduced the office, the squad initially denounced (“big problem with mentality”), then rebuilt and expensive but not relining professionals such as Dodi Lukebakio and Krzysztof Piatek sold. The fact that despite the windhorst millions, the squad can only increase little rich, especially because the money has long been used up or scheduled. Bobic has also exchanged the coach – Pál Dárdai had to leave the club at the end of November.

At his successor Korkut he holds in spite of the crisis. He go “with the guys in the right tone,” said Bobic at “Dazn” after the youngest clatter. Corkut have “a clear plan”.

Hertha BSC needs “Nehmer qualities”

So clear that he had announced setbacks before the Leipzig bankruptcy via “daily mirror”: “What happens here at Hertha, I do not surprise me. I knew it was a process and we will not shoot immediately that chunks will come, the we have to go to the side. “

For a good four years, Corkut had not worked as a coach before his commitment in Berlin, is now only equipped with a contract until the end of the season. Crisis helper should he be really helped he has not yet.

“Now it’s about taker qualities,” says Korkut at today’s press. The current situation is “more than just a challenge,” but I am good things that now we quickly push the heads again “.

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BVB and Co. are still waiting as an opponent

Solutions are urgently needed, points more urgent. That gets hard enough. Next, the Hertha needs to compete at the SC Freiburg next Saturday (15:30), which is currently as a sixth in a place qualified for European competition.

In addition, Hoffenheim (5.), Leverkusen (3rd) and on the last matchday Borussia Dortmund (2.). With Borussia Mönchengladbach (13th), FC Augsburg (16th), the VFB Stuttgart (17th) and Arminia Bielefeld (14th), there are also games against the direct competition.

Corona failures, meckling investor, still too often lacking offensive crowd as well as will and belief in your own team – it is difficult for Hertha BSC in the relegation battle. It’s also hard for him to continue to give the optimists. Although the 47-year-old preserved the VfB Stuttgart in the 2017/18 season before the descent, but he took over the coaching office in January and then lost only a single game until the end of the season.

He is far away in Berlin. Despite herthans, which are “light awake” in the 50th minute – the positive surprise lasts much too short.

Anja Rau

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