Windhorst regrets entry at Hertha BSC: “Disadvantages only”

Windhorst regrets entry at Hertha BSC: “Disadvantages only”

“I put on it that Hertha Rational and the future thinking people have to say that, which also sustainably want the success,” said Windhorst’s business magazine “Capital”. In recent months, however, he had become clear that there are some people there primarily around “Making and Klüneli”.

Sebastian Hoeness zu Hertha BSC? Lars Windhorst bereut Investment!Wer wird Hertha-Trainer im Sommer?
Since 2019, Windhorst has invested a total of 375 million euros in the capital club with its Tennor Group, which is currently fighting against the descent. When asked if he looked at his entry into Hertha as mistakes, Windhorst said, “Honestly, from today’s perspective yes, unfortunately. So far, I have brought me the investment near Hertha apart from positive experiences with many members only disadvantages.”

At the same time, he said, “I do not bother me from anyone there 375 million euros and would never give up.” He will “lead the investment to success, even if it will take much longer than originally planned,” says Windhorst.

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