Block chain company Neo-Fly, career special adoption

Block chain company Neo-Fly, career special adoption

Neo Fly announced that 21, a special recruitment of various fields such as development staff, service planning and operation, and marketing. The support period is from 21st to 20th, and the acceptance may find and support the ‘block chain’ tab in recruitment announcements after connection of Neowizu recruitment homepage.

The recruitment will be held for the extension of the open platform, the open platform, the ‘Neopin’ service, and the mobile app, and the like, and will not limit the incentive payment in accordance with the performance. The key vision of Neogin is ‘connection’ and ‘extension’, launching the virtual asset wallet service, and the Clayton network based on GameFi (GAME + FINANCE), including the GAMEFI (GAME + FINANCE), It is aimed at opening ‘Service to Earn’ and ‘NFT service’. In 3 and 4Q, we plan to collaborate with a variety of content companies to expand to a win-win platform, and we plan to handle global companies.

Neofly Search & Rescue SAR
Established in 2007, Neo Phara has started operating a block chain since last 2017. The Global Public Block Chair, which is developed by ‘Ground X’, which is a challenge of Kakao’s block chain, has been investing in the Global Public block chain, and is also active as a governance committee member. Since 2019, Virtual Asset Wallet Service Envoz Rocks, and this year, this year, this year, the open platform ‘Neopin’ was released in a block chain that has a virtual asset wallet, P2e, S2e, and NFT. A list of “Neogin tokens (NPT)”, which will be used as a basic currency of a variety of block systems, is also preparing.

Neo Ply Osa Seung Heon said, “Even if there is no experience in the block chain, there is a new challenge, it is a new challenge, and I am actively looking for a new challenge,” he said. ” The total mobilization will be on the core workforce. “

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