FIFA footballers of the year: Lewandowski does not understand Messis behavior

FIFA footballers of the year: Lewandowski does not understand Messis behavior

Ronaldo VS Messi VS Lewandowski FIFA EVOLUTION! ???????? FIFA 04 - FIFA 22
Robert Lewandowski has expressed itself to the award of the balloon d’Ors and the FIFA footballer of the year and explains what price he finds more important. He also explained that the behavior of his competitor Lionel Messi in the election did not quite understand.

In the awarding of the balloon d’Or Robert Lewandowski was still empty, in the awarding of the world footballers of FIFA, the pole could then cut out Lionel Messi.

Compared to the Polish magazine Pilka Nozna, the striker was now commenting on the two awards. “I came to the conclusion that the FIFA award is more important than the balloon d’Or,” said Lewandowski. “In the latter, only journalists agree – there is no clear review. In the FIFA, in addition to those skilled in the art and journalists, also players off. You can assess our services more realistic and objective”

Next he said, “The balloon d’or may be classified higher than the FIFA footballer of the year, but to know that I have received the award to the best footballer in the world for the second time in the vote of coaches and players for the second time in a row, Fulfills me with pride, because I know how hard I have been working for many years. “

In addition, the 33-year-old talked that Messi had not taken him into account in the choice for the world footballer. “It’s hard for me to say something. I’ve voted for Messi because I guess what he has done in 2021 and of course earlier. Messi tuned for me at the balloon d’Or, and why his position has changed afterwards – I dont know.”

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Lewandowski “Nothing, however, do not complain, I do not complain, I have accepted it. In the end it is his decision. All the easier it was me to look forward to the price.” While Lewandowski gave his voices as captain Poland to Jorgho, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi distributed his voices to the PSG colleagues Neymar and Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema. After counting all voices, he lay with 48 total points before Messi (44 points) and Salah (39 points).

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