The price of the Scarlett project will reflect the launch flop of the Xbox One

The price of the Scarlett project will reflect the launch flop of the Xbox One

Last updated there is November 15, 2019

During an interview published after the X019 in London, Phil Spencer shared interesting information on the price of Project Scarlett, which remains mysterious, like what is happening on the Playstation 5.

Of course, Spencer did not reveal the final price, but he suggested that Microsoft wanted to learn and put the lesson of the launch flop of the Xbox One in 2013. The console cost $ 100 more than the PS4, which determined a whole generation debacle.

“I would say that by learning Xbox One generation, we will not be out of position in terms of power or price,” Phil Spencer said, director of the Xbox, who has already played his first title in the next generation a few months ago. The edge. “If you remember the beginning of this generation, we were a hundred dollar more and, yes, we were less powerful. And we started the Scarlett project with this management team in place in order to succeed on the market.”

“We are entirely involved in Scarlett project and I want to be competitive. I want to compete in the right way. That’s why we focus on cross-compatibility and upward compatibility,” he added, sharing the real will of Microsoft invest in the game and try to have a word to say to direct the next generation of consoles.

Watch Microsoft announce Xbox Project Scarlett

We know that the Scarlett project will be launched at the holiday season next year, in the same launch window of the PS5, and that the console will be unveiled at the E3 2020 with more games and news on what we can wait for next- gen.

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