Asymmetric Multi-Play Horror “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” is a rare composition of “4 killer VS victims”. Build a new experience in the “Devils Sakai” Motif

Developer GUN Interactive revealed that the Asymmetric Horror Game “ TEXAS CHAIN ​​SAW Massacre ” was a match structure of four killers, and four victims. A column has been published on the official page of the studio.

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” is an asymmetric multi-play horror game with the Horror Movie “Devil’s Sakai” in 1974. The movie is a work depicting a miserical case by a homicide demon family, including leather face. This work has been revealed that the killer side would be a team since the initial announcement of 2021. This announcement has revealed the breakdown that the four killer side and four victim side.

According to GUN Interactive, development teams have been applying the “Franchise First” approach to design games. And when gaming “Devil’s Saken”, it seems that it was judged that only the spots were simply hit by the spots only.

For this matter, Wes Keltner, GUN Interactive’s CEO / President, came comments. As a development team, (based on what the company was once working on “Friday The 13th: THE Game”), instead of making the same game, I intended to introduce innovation and want to advance the genre matter. Therefore, in “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”, the structure of three killer and four victims was incorporated. Asymmetric Multiplayer Rethinking from the basics and made all mechanics and functions. In addition, since the movie “Devil’s Saken” is a work dealing with his whole family, Keltner was felt naturally, as it is a work dealing with his whole family. talk.

And, in order to actually implement 3V4 game structures, many factors are considered. Level design, gameplay design, character design, behavior, balance, etc. were all influenced by the structure of 3V4. According to Keltner, it seems that many balance adjustments were needed to maintain the fun of gameplay while making plays and sensations of three killers, especially.

Keltner says, if three killers and four victims move around in the space in the game, a lot of time was needed in the level design. It seems to have been considered even in map design, such as placing an open space to hide, prepare an open space to move slowly and to move quickly to the next hidden place. If there are three murder demons, the power can be overwhelming, and while keeping the fun coming from fear, Keltner says that he tried to make a sufficient grace to decide the next movement..

Ultimately, as a development team, it has been found that the 3V4 structure is the same as the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It is said that the balance is settled so that it will be powerful if the family’s family is powerful or not overwhelmingly, and if the victims cooperate alone.

Speaking of asymmetric multiplayer games at present, there are many compositions, many of the lifers for one killer. For example, in “Dead by Daylight”, four survivors for one killer. Also in “Predator: Hunting Grounds”, there are four fire teams for one predator. In the latest work, “Propnight” of the 2021 release will also face one child to one killer. And in the previous work “Friday The 13th: THE GAME”, GUN Interactive was a match composition of one Jason and 7 counselors. Killer Multiple people are quite rare. As a studio, the know-how of the multiplayer game cultivated in the previous work will be used with “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. I would like to expect what new rules between the three killer versus four victims will bring about what kind of wind brings the genre.

The official article about this matter is here. The release timing of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” has not been revealed so far.

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