Eberls heritage, status quo, Hütter: That says Gladbachs Virkus

Eberls heritage, status quo, Hütter: That says Gladbachs Virkus

How did the choice fell on Virkus?
Initially, the bosses offered, as reported, ScoutingDirector Steffen Korell the post as a sports director. Because Korell would rather want to work in the second row and therefore did not have available, they were then employed with external candidates. From the Bundesliga, the 2nd league and abroad. President Rolf King betrayed at the press conference that you had specifically requested a duo. “With two candidates, who were interesting for us, we have contacted. From them we got a cancellation,” said Kings and led to the reason for the cancellation: “She explained that they have fixed engagements and through their contract Also bound to this task. “

Tested and discontinued internally other external candidates on the list. Then the consideration matured to set the variant with its own young director. “We have a capable man who knows Borussia out of the Effeff. So the question turned out: Why do not we go this direct path? Then we made it very fast and talked to Roland Virkus. We are convinced that we are convinced that we are convinced that This is the better solution than the external, “says kings.

How long does the contract run?
Both sides agreed on a contract until 2025. As reported by the Roland Virkus, there will be no double lace at the Eberl succession. Support receives Virkus in the sporty area mainly by Souting Director Steffen Korell. “He will be my right hand and stays responsible for the squad planning,” says Virkus.

What kind of guides is Virkus?
Vice President Rainer Bonhof describes the family father (three sons) as “ambitious and straightforward.” Virkus, a born Gladbacher, has been working at Borussia for 32 years now. He was youth coach, head of the boarding place, since 2008 young director. Bonhof: “Roland is equipped with a lot of expertise, diligent and loyal. And from a personal point of view: a great guy. We all are convinced to the hair roots of him.” Virkus described himself with a smile like that: “I am a very emotional guy. But I’ve learned to be something factual again quickly.”

Has spoken with his new boss: Adi Hütter. imago images / jdp

What does Virkus say for carriage?
The new sports director occurred very confidently at his idea. “I’m Roland Virkus, not Max Eberl. I want to go my own way,” he said and realized: “It’s not a one-man show in football. I feel as a team player. And I know that I’m at Borussia A very good team around me. Otherwise we would not have been able to catch the departure from Max in recent weeks. ” Eberl have left “big footsteps, I know that,” he said. “I’m really happy that I can continue the task now.”

** What does Virk see the state of the team?

** “It is important that we move closer together. This has also proven the team in the two games against Bielefeld and Augsburg. I am confident that we come out of this situation,” said Virkus. He will “watch a lot of talking and have a lot of talks” in the first time, “Virk announced.

“It is important that you get wire to humans and give them a good feeling. The better the climate, the higher the likelihood that the guys can perform.” With coach Adi Hütter already a replacement took place. Virkus: “He’s most focused on the task. How the team played against Augsburg – this deserves team, coach, the whole team a great praise.”

If the contract was resolved with Max Eberl now?
No. Managing Director Stephan Schippers said, “The most important thing now is that Max takes time the time he needs and does not take care of contractual settlements. We are in dialogue with his adviser Marc Kosicke. That takes all his usual run, as it is in football is common. ” Eberls contract runs until 2026.

Who will be successor as a young director?
That’s still open. Virkus short and short: “We have ideas.”

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