The patch 7 of Baldurs Gate 3 is revealed on February 15

The patch 7 of Baldurs Gate 3 is revealed on February 15

Three months after the last major update, it’s time to get back into seal with new content. On Tuesday, February 15, a new edition of the panel from Hell will take place to present the patch 7 of baldur’s gate 3. If we hope _ (unfortunately) _ Still no release date, many changes are awaiting us.

How to follow the Panel from Hell?

Baldur's Gate 3 - Patch 7 - Panel From Hell - February 15th - Larian Studios

The Patch Live 7D E Baldur’s Gate 3 is held on February 15 at 19:00 _ (French time) _. It should last about 2 hours, during which we can discover the novelties to come. The rebroadcast will be available the next day on Larian Studios’ YouTube channel.

  • _Suvert the live on twitch from 19:00 on February 15th
  • _Ediffusion available on YouTube from February 16th

Expectations for patch 7 of baldur’s gate

It’s hard to really know what to expect for this next update. However, as many, we would like to see a new class disembark, with a unique combat style. The majority of players believe that the barbarian should be unveiled on this occasion. However, some hope to see the bard getting into play. It would also be pleasant to finally exceed level 4 and unlock new skills.

However, the 5th of donjons and dragons allows a much more varied breed choice than baldur’s gate 3. Add one, or more of them could offer new experience to players. But it sounds quite surreal, and, just like original characters, it’s better not to hope for them before a long time. In addition, many bugs will be fixed, and the redesign of certain systems could be unveiled.

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