ShortTracker Seidel and the concern for metal detectors

ShortTracker Seidel and the concern for metal detectors

“I can no longer jog since the injury. I think I’m humping a bit. On the ice it’s almost better than in the countryside,” said the 23-year-old Dresdnerin in Beijing.

Since the training accident, it has been a metal plate on both bones caused by friction pain, even when training on the bike. “But now I’ve got used to it and arranged with it. Meanwhile it is so that I’m standing,” the Twice EM-Second of 2021. Also, it can joke about that the metal detectors do not strike in safety checks. “I was also disappointed. I thought maybe I’ll beep,” she said laughing. Nevertheless, after this season, the plates should be removed. “Then it will hopefully be normal again.”

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Seidel: “Goal is the semi-final”

Finally, the 23-year-old wants to run her sport painless again. Then even the winter games 2026 are a topic again, even though she wanted to end her Olympic career after Beijing. “It’s all in the floating, it’s a lot of fun again. I would definitely like again a season without pain and that I do not hurt the foot every time I’m on the ice.”

Despite the handicaps Anna Seidel is ambitious in her competition. On Wednesday to conclude the shorttrack competitions, it starts over 1,500 meters. “Olympia always has its own rules and laws. There were so many falls, so many favorites have falled out. Everyone is nervous. My goal is to get into the semi-finals in any case. Everything is possible in the shorttrack,” the girlfriend stressed From Ice Hockey Professional Moritz Seider, the Olympia missed because he has to play with the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL.

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