Top game without winner: Inter gets point in Naples

Top game without winner: Inter gets point in Naples

One point separated the two teams in front of the top game. The best offensive was guest at the best defensive, the leaders at the second.

10 up for Dzeko ???????????????? | NAPOLI 1-1 INTER | HIGHLIGHTS | SERIE A 21/22 ⚫????

So auspicious that had sounded in the run-up to the game, the Summit of Serie A also started: both Inter and Napoli came to first opportunities (2nd, 4.). And Napoli’s first push had directly serious consequences: Osimhen was brought to the penalty area by De Vrij and after studying the pictures decided arbitrator Daniele Doveri on penalty (6th). Integrate transformed safely to 1: 0 (7.).

Naples is better in the first pass – then Dzeko aligns

So Naples caught the better start and was also the superior team as a result. Five minutes after the guided tour Schrammte Zielinski with a post-shot hossest-type on 2: 0 (12th). After a somewhat quieter phase, it was the householders who booked the opportunities. Osimens (27th, 30th) and insignia (29th) were the most striking actors, but forgiveness. Ospina in the SSC goal did not have to intervene often, only a header of Dzeko he got to his goal (37.).

The striker, however, showed right after re-staffing that with him is always to be expected: On the detours he received the ball again on the right of the gate and shot the player energetically and made of acute angle to the bottom edge of the latte, from there the ball jumped into the net from there. The compensation was completed (48.).

Dzeko’s goal was the highlight of an otherwise chancen arms second half. Naples had two good opportunities with Osimhen (55th) and Elmas (69.), but otherwise went into the risk otherwise. Inter in turn usually had the ball, but did not hurry up in the game. Consequently, it remained at the 1: 1, which holds Inter at the top of the table, but only temporary: Already tomorrow Milan could jump with a victory against Sampdoria Genoa at first one of the series A.

For Napoli and Inter, during the week in the European competition, the SSC meets in the Europa League on the FC Barcelona (Thursday, 18.45 clock). The Nerazzurri already welcomes the FC Liverpool on Wednesday (21 clock) the FC Liverpool for the 16th Final First Game of the Champions League.

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