Petition so that it is allowed to return Battlefield 2042 reaches 160 thousand firms

Petition so that it is allowed to return Battlefield 2042 reaches 160 thousand firms

It is no secret that _ Battlefield 2042 _ ended up being a huge disappointment not only for the community, but also for its responsible. EA He even admitted that the game had not fulfilled his expectations, and the rumors of which _ Battlefield 2042 could become an experience FREE-TO-PLAY. Regardless of all this, the fans are not happy and have launched a petition so that they are allowed to return this shooter into any of their platforms.

Through the platform of , more than 160 thousand users already voted for EA allows them to make returns of _ Battlefield 2042 _independently of the platform. According to the author of this request, “the launch of _ Battlefield 2042 _To part of EA was a mockery for all those who paid their $ 70’s price due to the company’s false advertising. _ Battlefield 2042 _Le has cost customers millions of dollars in damage and have made thousands of customers angry around the world angry. “

Currently, EA has not answered this petition and probably never going to do so. In any case, if the title becomes a free-to-play experience, surely those who paid for him will receive some kind of bonus within the game, but do not expect that EA will return your money.

Battlefield 2042 Refund Petition Closing In On 200K Signatures | Another Launch DISASTER For EA
Editor’s note: It is a pity that happened with Battlefield 2042, since the game certainly had potential to be a great experience of shooting. The game is not as bad as they paint it on the Internet, but it was definitely short of expectations of the community.

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