Two Point Campus: Following Two Point Hospital holds its release date

Two Point Campus: Following Two Point Hospital holds its release date

Hospital Medical School in Two Point Hospital
Announced in June 2021, Two Point Campus had been discreet since. The rest of Two Point Hospital reappears suddenly since the developers have good news to give us. First of all, an exit date was fixed, it will be May 17, 2022 that PC players like consoles will be able to discover university life. The atmosphere will be radically different from the hospital in 2018, but the structure will be substantially the same, with this notion of construction and management in a more studious world, but which can also go to peanut very quickly. Between the gastronomy courses, those of robotics and the more classic disciplines, it will be necessary to be careful to meet the needs of everyone to help them to be fulfilled as individuals, and thus constitute the inheritance and pride of This university.

History to envy players to pass the step, Sega announces many exclusive bonus objects for all pre-order, knowing that people who have already Two Point Hospital will have unpublished objects like a university jacket and armor. If you buy the physical edition of Two Point Campus, you will receive the Enrolment Edition which is accompanied by a superb campus card, an elegant prospectus for the university and an exclusive packaging. You know everything.

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