This time, the University,

This time, the University,

This is a new management simulation game, a two-point campus, on May 18, 2022, released as a PC and console platform on May 18, 2022. The To-Point Campus will be available from 1 day to the PC GAME PASS and Xbox GAME PASS.

At the Two-Point Campus, the player is able to build a diverse experience, such as building a dream university, providing the best education, such as an adventure, meaningful relationship, and funny activities that are in a lifelong memory, as long as they are a lifetime. Happy students and great credits raise the majesty of the campus, and the dignified campus will register more students.

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When ordering the to-point campus, a limited game item is provided as a bonus. You can also obtain items that can be used in the Tour Point Hospification if you have already owned the Tour Point Hospification and pre-ordering the Tour Point Campus.

More information on the to-point campus can be found on the official site, and you can get a free-of-release game item, the golden toilet for the time to join the County Pass.

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