Pokemon Go: Events February 2022 with Moon New Year and more

Pokemon Go: Events February 2022 with Moon New Year and more

In Pokémon Go there’s a few events again in February 2022, for which the coaches should inspire. In addition to the usual stories such as limelight hour, legendary RAIDSTunde and Community Day, the Johto tour is on the plan this month. And already on February 1, 2022, it’s going on with the moonne year event. All information about the events in February 2022 in Pokémon Go are here below, if they are already available – and chronologically arranged.

Moonneirement 2022

Community Day 2022 Pokémon Predictions!

From 1 February 2022 to February 7, 2022, the moon new year is celebrated in Pokémon Go. So far, there are no details except for the fact that the limelight hour is celebrated on 1 February 2022 with Lehoo.

Valentine’s Day 2022

From February 10, 2022 to 14 February 2022, the Valentine’s Day Event will take place. Among other things, the series of development of a fairy Pokémon gives your debut in Pokémon Go. Da Flabébé from the 6th generation with the developments Floette and Florges would be conceivable.

Community Day February 2022 with Hopppross

Hopppross you can get the first time in the game as Shiny as part of this event. By the way there is the triple catch star dust. And for Hoppspross prisoners in Parks gets your Extra XL sweets!

Preparation event on the Go Tour: Johto

Used from February 18, 2022 to 25 February 2022 the event as preparation for the Pokémon Go Tour: Johto – This event is all about Pokéballen! In time, the limelight hour will take place with Voltobal.

Johto tour

Finally, on February 26, 2022, it’s time – the Johto tour 2022 rises… which is primarily worthwhile for coaches that the ticket purchased to the event if we allow ourselves to allow this openness. Detailed details and information as well as tips and assistance to the Pokémon Go Johto tour can be found in our guide.

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