Handball EM: Kosorotov saves Russia from the centerline

Handball EM: Kosorotov saves Russia from the centerline

Poland vs Russia | Highlights | Men's EHF EURO 2022
According to the devastating defeats against Norway (31:42) and Sweden (18:28) At the prelude of the main round, the Poles had a bit of good care. And against the clearly favored Russia, the team of coach Patryk Rombel was considerably beating.

For the break, the in the main round to date completely disappointing Poles with 13:12. Four players protruded at the German preliminary opponent and were mainly responsible for the fact that the Russian seconds before the end threatened the next defeat. Mateusz Zembrzycki (42 percent fang quota) decided the duel of goalkeepers with Victor Kireev (13 percent) clearly for themselves. In addition, Arkadiusz Moryto shone (6 goals / 7 experiments), Michal Daszek (6/6) and Szymon Sicko (8/10), later chosen to “Man of the Match”, in attack.

In the last minute of the game, the events overlooked: 17 seconds before the end, coach Fuchs Velimir Petkovic complained, already in Wetzlar, Göppingen, Eisenach and Berlin on the sideline, so that the French referees with a red card consider it. From the tribune he had to watch, like Daszek the supposed 29: 28 victory hit.

Tor counts after video proof

The Russians insisted on their last three seconds, in which the jump and throwing Sergei Mark Kosorotov fired the ball shortly after the centerline and actually hunted the left lower corner. Julie and Charlotte Bonaventura saw the scene in video proof again and decided on goal.

While Poland could not really celebrate his first main round point, the Russians are now at 3: 3 points. On Tuesday (18 o’clock, live! At good care) their last opponent is the German team. Poland already applies from 15.30 clock on defending champion Spain. Russia and Poland have no chance to enter the semi-final.

Poland – Russia 29:29 (13:12)

Poland: Kornecki, Zembrzycki – Sicko 8, Dawydzik 6, Moryto 6/3, Dawydzik 2, Krajewski 2, Chrakkowski 1, Czuwara 1, Olejniczak 1, Syprzak 1, Walczak 1
Russia: Grushko, Kireev – Kosorotov 8/1, Zhitnikov 7, Andreev 3, Kornev 3, Ostashchenko 2, Santalov 2, Ermakov 1, A. Kotov 1, Shishkarev 1, Vinogradov 1/1
Referee: Charlotte Bonaventura (France) / Julie Bonaventura (France)
Spectators: 1984
Criminal minutes: 10/10
Disqualification: \ – / Trainer Petkovic (59.)

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