Bayer Leverkusen: Titliezezeit Wurt Völler

His biggest desire to say goodbye to the end of the season will probably not fulfill for Rudi Völler again. For 23 years, the now divested managing director is waiting for a title profit with his club at football Bundesligist Bayer Leverkusen.

“That depends a bit today,” said the former DFB team boss and international in the interview of the “ARD biggest desires show”. In his active career, however, he won the greatest titles, was found football world champion and Champions League winner.

The title-free time with Bayer wurt the 61-year-old. “We were certainly close to a few times, especially the millennium turn. And we did not even become German master, although we were certainly the best German team at the time. That was certainly the phase where we could have clearly cleared out” said Völler, who is annoyed especially about the awarded possibilities in the Cup competitions.

“You can not forget that the Champions League is not self-evident for a club like Bayer Leverkusen. We often made it the last 15 years and is still our claim,” said Völler, who in 1994 from the former manager Reiner Calmund to the former manager Change to the Rhineland let. “And over the years I also fell in love with the club, you just have to say so. Even in the years as a team boss at the DFB I always had a small office here and was never really gone.”

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