The Witcher season 3 advance before filming

The Witcher season 3 advance before filming

The Brujo Season 3 has not begun to shoot, but this should change soon, since the third season of the Netflix program has begun production, with the SHOWRUNNER LAUREN HISSRICH and company. Currently the exploration of locations, which is the process of looking for different locations to determine where the program will be filmed. Many producers and Showruners will tell you that this is one of the best parts of production.

How do we know that the program is looking for locations today? Well, thanks to Steve Gaub, executive producer of the series, which has been documenting the process through the Instagram’s personal account, provoking fans waiting for next season in the process.

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Next, you can consult the aforementioned ridges, which were issued before the location search publications. And as you can see in the second publication, there is a clue that season 3 will be the largest so far, something that Hisrsrich also mocked on Twitter.

Regarding publications about the exploration of locations, they are not so tempting, but they give our first look at the locations that we can very well end up seeing in several scenes of season 3.

At the time of publication, you do not know when it will start filming season 3, but it should be soon. Nor is it known when season 3 will be launched, but it is likely to be at some point next year, although a change in December 2022 is not out of reach of the possibility, depending on how long the filming is scheduled. That said, while we wait more for this outstanding information, be sure to follow GAUB, since he seems to be providing updates on production.

The Brujo Season 1 and season 2 of The Witcher are currently transmitted exclusively in Netflix. For more coverage about the Netflix program, including not only the latest news, but also the latest rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.

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