Rainbow Six Extraction: All opponents and their weak points

Rainbow Six Extraction: All opponents and their weak points

In Enemy Guide To Rainbow Six Extraction you will learn:

  • Which archaeen types are in the game
  • With which tactics you defeat the creatures
  • Where the vulnerabilities are the opponent
  • With which operator your different archaeen best

In R6-Extraction, the world is attacked by Aliens . The extraterrestrial life forms are called archaeen and appear in a wide variety of designs. At the beginning of the game you will still do it with the more harmless variants, in the later missions you may then deal with the more dangerous specimens who can quickly destroy a whole team.

For fundamental tips on the Koop shooter, we attach our Rainbow Six Extraction Tips to the heart.

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  • Weak point: head

The tighter is almost the “ normalo variant ” of an Archaeen – the most common enemy form. Stripes can be turned off with a well-placed headshot. A single tire may seem harmless, but a whole pack of them can quickly develop into the problem. Two to three beats are usually enough to send you on the boards.


  • Weak point: head

Protecting a similar appearance like the stripes, but use only ranged attacks to make you the garaut. Your vulnerability, head, try to cover the shooters with your other arm. Turns the shooters before being alerted or tries to flank them.


  • Weak point: back

Sprenger also immerse very often and are primarily characterized by a red bladder on their backs. If this bubble is damaged, the sprinkler explodes. The explosion can blow off walls and reinforcements without problems. Let her come through a sprinkler, can quickly tilt all the defense.

However, the explosion of blasts can harm other archaeen. Many sprinkers on a pile can be transported with a single shot in beyond. If you want to prevent an explosion, you have to go to the head. A melee attack throws the sprinklers back.


  • Weak point: back

Verkeeper actually look like sprinklers, but have a green blading bubble instead of a red. If the bladder is damaged, the recipus explodes and leaves a toxic gas cloud . If you are in the gas cloud, you suffer continuously damage. So quickly take the legs in the hand and does not try to come close to exploding contaminants. Headshots and melee attacks works here as well.


  • Vulnerability: Head

The head of creepers looks like a flower. You can make and other archaeen invisible. The skil-like armored plates on the head can fold the fading to protect its vulnerability. Uses Hibana’s special ability to blow up the Schleicher. If you have no Hibana in the team, you can use a melee attack to expose the vulnerability.


  • Weak point: Torso

Blender crawl spider like the floor and can place small red mines . If you drive in a mine, you will be blinded for a few seconds – so pay well on your environment. If you have alerted a blender, this will try to attack you in a careless moment. Otherwise, blinders behave rather passive-aggressive and circle you for a while.

The weak point of the blender is the torso. This tries to protect the blender with his armored head . Wait until the blender gets up to call help to get free view of the stomach. A few shots in the flank of the aliens can also bring the beast to the route.


  • Weak point: Neck

As the name suggests, the rooter has something crop-like itself. The rurse also crawls over the ground and has a special attack, where he chases roots through the ground. You will be hit, your movement is severely limited for a few seconds.

The weak point of the root is lying on the neck. So tries to flank or distract the beast so that a teammate can hit the neck. Smoke grenades and stunning grenades are also a great way to get the rootist vulnerable to a knife shock.


  • Vulnerability: back

The Wüter is a huge, heavy tank that can cause tremendous damage with its strong poor arms. The inertia of the Archaeen can you make advantage of the beast and keep the beast at a distance. You must be careful on the special attack of the Wüters , where he catapulted rapidly quickly in your direction.

Since the weak point is on the back, Teamwork is in demand. Attracts the agreed in your direction, while a team member connects from behind and push the archaeen with a targeted knife shock the light.


  • Vulnerability: Stunning grenades / smoke grenades

Queeters are among the most dangerous Archaeen and present themselves as a long, thin protective turret. If you meet a quencher, you should mark him immediately for the rest of your team. Queeters fire Slowly flying projectiles AB, causing enormous damage. Differ the projectiles and remains constantly moving when you are in combat.

The special ability of the quair is to liquefy and to scurry as puddle over the ground. Follow the puddle and waits for the torment to take its normal form again to cause damage. Stunning grenades or smoke grenades in combination with the knife are the best way to put the torment out of action.


  • Vulnerability: Not available

The prince is the leader of the Archaeen, which he shows very clearly in the fight. The prince is stronger than any other Archaee, which we have listed so far and therefore only found in the hardest missions. His specialty capability allows him to consume continuous new nests , from which new archaeen hatch.

In the fight, the prince makes projectile fires that can diagram. In addition, the alien tails extremely quickly over the battlefield, which makes the escape extremely difficult. Alibis special ability is the best counterattack here. The holograms ensure that the prince and the Archaeen are distracted so that their entire firepower can focus to eliminate it quickly.


  • Vulnerability: Not available

Proteus is the most powerful alien and is more likely to be a spooky anomaly as an ordinary archaeen. In order to find a proteus ever, you need the appropriate objective that leads you to a orange portal . If you enter the portal, you get it to do with the Proteus.

A proteus takes over the outer appearance of a corrupted operator and has a variety of attacks. Furthermore, the proteus clones can create and move quickly via the card. In the fight, everything will be demanded and your team will be required and you have to combine your attacks and skills well to carry out the victory ultimately.

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