Magic: The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Expansion takes the game to the genus Cyberpunk

Magic: The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Expansion takes the game to the genus Cyberpunk

Magia: the reunión returns to a favorite airplane fans in the Kamigawa: neón destination expansion. However, players will find a different Kamigawa of the world inspired by Japanese folklore and fairy tales first discovered in the original Kamigawa Block 2004-2005. Kami, Ninjas, Samurai and other creatures and motives remain. However, they are now competing for influence with the technological advances of cyberpunk kind created by Saiba Futurists. The tension between tradition and modernity is central to the story and gameplay of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. In a previous press conference, members of staff Wizards of the Coasts offered a breakdown of what fans should expect from this distinctive new Magia: the expansion set reunión

Kamigawa: neón dynasty’s story occurs at the same time as the current 1. Magia: reunión metanarrative. That sets its 1200 years after the Kami Wars Original Kamigawa Block.

The protagonist of the story is Kaito Shizuki an improved cyber ninja. He is also a planeswalker as the spark he went on when he met Himoto, the Kami Spark Kamigawa, now housed in the robot tanuki him. Kaito was a friend of the Emperor of Kamigawa him in youth, but the Emperor disappeared after being attacked by Tezzeret. It is the Emperadora planeswalker. She has been traveling secretly on airplanes like the mysterious Wanderer, presented without explanation in 2019. guerra of chispa place. The return of the Emperor Errante to Kamigawa is appropriate because the intriguing Tezzeret is present on the plane. It is also the Praetor frexiano Jin-Gitaxias is behind the sudden technological advances of Kamigawa, which is probably a bad omen.

Touch pirexiano Kamigawa: neón dynasty also means the return of the pirexiano manna in a limited capacity. There are two friexianos planeswalkers on the whole, a novelty for Magia: the reunión. One of those planeswalkers remains a mystery for now. Wizards of the Coast revealed that the other is Tamiyo, Completed Sage, showing the native planeswalker of Kamigawa after enduring some pirexianas modifications. (Kaito, The Wanderer and Tezzeret planeswalker also have letters in the collection, but are not Phyrexians).

The concepts of modernity and tradition report in several mechanical Kamigawa: neón Dynasty, mainly through artifacts and enchantments, respectively. Dinastía of neón introduces the mechanics Reconfigure devices, allowing the artifact creatures become computer. Blacksmithing side of the equation using the known letters Saga, offering manners sagas of two faces that are transformed into creatures one once completed, literally giving life to the story.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Official Cinematic – Magic: The Gathering
Encompassing both types is the idea of ​​modifications taken from the cyberpunk. Equipment, auras and accountants are considered modifications. Any creature a player controls with an attached amendment is a “modified creature” (think of a cyborg). Have modified creatures can be vital skills to use private letters.

There are also some elements returning from the original sets of Kamigawa. Ninjas are back as a creature type with characteristic keyword, Ninjutsu, which represents its “stealth skills.” The ability allows players to pay a fee to return the attacker Ninja his hand and then immediately return to the battlefield still attacking.

Also returns the mechanics of the Canal. A simple but powerful effect, channeling skills in a letter activated when a player discards that card instead of playing.

Legends, a central theme in the original block of Kamigawa, also abound in Kamigawa: neón dynasty. The Dragon Spirits are represented in a new cycle of cards. There is a new cycle Shrine cards and many callbacks Kamigawa.

Ninja and Samurai get important impulses in the set. As mentioned, the ninjas are the mechanics of Ninjutsu returning, but Samurai will not return to the less popular mechanics of Bushido. Instead, they will use the Exalted mechanics that was previously in many letters of Guerrero, which adds a + 1 / + 1 to an exalted creature whenever she attacks al1.

Duplicating the Ninja and Samurai theme, each receives a single exhibition edge treatment. Each Rare and Mythic Rare on the set also has a “soft brightness” treatment, which further covers Cyberpunk themes. Supporting more in tradition, _Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty includes 10 basic Earth cards of Ukiyo art inspired by traditional Japanese wood, two for each type of ground. There are also variants without edges for planeswalkers, dragons, letters of legendary lands of the set and extended art variants for rare and mythic rare. Those pyrexian planes also obtain variants of pyrexian language. All the text of the letters appears in the mysterious script that only the pyrexians (and the Wizard staff members who created it) can understand.

Of course, there are also paper cards, but they also receive special treatment. In addition to the standard sheets, the variants recorded in a sheet give an additional definition to the showcase frames. In addition, a letter in the whole, hidetsugu, devouring chaos, gets a neon-ink sheet variant, applying neon colors to the recorded variant for a unique appearance.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty comes to _Magia: The meeting sand on February 10, bringing digital versions of all the exhibition functions that fit the format, new player avatars for Wanderer and Kaito, a new Battlefield of Kamigawa and Two new pets. Physical pre-launch begin on February 11 and the whole is launched in full in stores on February 18.

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