Com2us Holdings, 60 billion won conversion bonds to expand business

Com2us Holdings, 60 billion won conversion bonds to expand business

Corporations hold nearly $390 billion dollars in corporate bonds: Study
Com2us Holdings (representative use) disclosed 10 days to determine the issuance of a transition bond of 60 billion won for strengthening and expansion of a new business based on a block chain.

The surface interest rate and expiration rate are 0% and 0%, respectively. The stock to be issued according to the conversion corresponds to 5.2% of the total number of issued shares of 36,663 shares. The positive expectations of market investors on business projects are reflected, issued by 110% of the standards of the standards, and there is no change in the change in change in stock price fluctuations. The conversion value is 165,900 won per week, and the conversion bill is from February 14, 2023 to January 14, 2027. The resources, which are provided through the issuance of convertible bonds, are planning to leverage the comprehensive content and platform companies that are blocked and the metaverse, which is a block chain, through strengthening and expansion of new business, which is a block chain.

Com2us Holdings participated in the MCP (Master Contents Provider) of the ecosystem, which is the C2x block, as the C2x block, as the C2x block, starting with the investment in Korea, Recently released the global homepage ‘Crooft Holidays: AFK Raid’, Finding the AFK Reid ‘, MMORPG’ World of Genoia ‘, and NFT version’ Game Bill Pro baseball ‘, The NFT exchange will be sequentially presented from 1Q.

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