Tilting points, Contracts Contracts

Tilting points, Contracts Contracts

Tilting Point (Representative Samier El Ayu) said it was a 7-day consolidated contract with 51% of the stake in Mobile Strategy Games (representative Kim Hwan-ki) and co-develops multiple games in the future.

The two companies have left a major success in the global market through the publishing collaboration of the mobile strategy game ‘Astro Kingz’, and for the expansion of this successful partnership, Tilting Point acquires the percentage of Aienne Games’s equity and funds for multiple new development We agreed to invest.

Through this Agreement, ‘Aien Games’ secures the global game service know-how for funds and tilting points for new game development, and ‘Tilting Point’ is the “Tilting Point” Get capabilities. Both sides are expected to be able to maximize synergies in the global strategy game market.

Ai Games has a career developed by both the SF strategy game that appeals to both Oriental and Western players, and it will be dedicated to work with the acquisition. The company has a “Astro & Girls”, of course, as well as the world’s hits, “Astro Kingz”, as well as the “Astro & Girls” released in Japan and Taiwan.

Tilting Points have been making publishing, joint development and M & A’s walk for the successful global entry of Asian region developers. In Korea, “Cleetz”, “Cleetes ‘, including’ Joyizu City ‘,’ Clarifier ‘,’ Dangerous Gnome ‘,’ Story Taco ” Road of Heroes ‘,’ Road of Heroes ‘,’ Action Square ‘Three Kingdoms Blades’, ‘Maji’ of ‘Synamon Games’, helping the Western market expansion of various developers. Tilting points are actively pursuing a new title of new titles, which utilizes renowned IP, with this successful global publishing model, and are actively pursuing to domestic developers and are actively preparing for new work using Aienne Games and AAA class IP.

“The acquisition merger was the development of a natural relationship,” said Ai Games Kim, said, “The acquisition of this acquisition was a natural relationship,” he expects Aienne Games to make a step further through the acquisition of a tilting point leading to a global game market. ” I said.

Stipulations in Contracts [No. 86 LECTURE]

Meanwhile, Tilting Point Samier El An Origree said, “I am convinced the possibility of global success in Aien Games through a partnership over the past few years. Help the global success of Korean games with Aenn Games, will expand the game market influence in Asia, and will also actively engage in collaboration and investment with Korea’s mobile game with a high development force other than the Aien Games. ” I said.

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