VfB Stuttgart Good news from Sosa

VfB Stuttgart Good news from Sosa

A run in the morning, then units in the force space or on the lawn, for individual and group talks as well as team discussions: Pickeackvoll is the plan in these six training days at around 14 degrees under Spain’s non-appearing sun. Everyone makes a very good impression, says Sven Distinct, from whose passed squad currently just Nikolas Marta for a knee prolongation and Lilian Goff for reasons of load control a bit shorter. We try to work out a few topics created by injuries, corona and missing rhythm, explains the sports director, who also knows from home positive to report.

Born Sosa, who has not accomplished the journey to Spain because of four distant wisdom teeth, is on the way of recovery. We are glad that we have found the main cause of his repeatedly emerging muscular problems in the thigh. The teeth were mainly responsible for this, says Mishit, who hopes that the issue is solved with it. He always felt the feeling Could pass a shimmer injury. The OP was important, he has survived her well. If not without a trace. He certainly baked thick, but with a little luck we’ll get him back in the training week before the Frankfurt game.

Militant very, very limited budget for new additions


After yesterday after Philipp Element (lovers of FC Paderborn) as well as Hawaii all Gladioli (FC Panos) with Marc Oliver Kemp (Bertha BSC) was reported with the third finish, the Swabia also have the, though small possibility, even again on the Transfer market to become active. One had developed a budget, that it allows us to do something if we wanted it. After we had many injuries right now in the offensive range and not everyone comes in top constitution immediately. If there is a very, very good opportunity, Could one think about it, says Mishit, who would no longer hear whether in case of cases of experience or again talented youth would be asked. We are constantly conducting this discussion. But she is unimportant. It’s about finding players who bring the necessary quality. What makes me know if he is experienced, but not to bring us in a very, very much Limited budget, if we wanted to do something at all. I do not care if he is 19 or 28.

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