BLIZZARD ENTERTAINT announces new “survival game” and announced. To establish new IP for PC and console

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINT announces new “survival game” and announced. To establish new IP for PC and console

January 25 announced that the company has developed a new survival game on January 25. I want to expand in a new universe, it seems to be trying to establish a new IP.

According to the announcement of Blizzard, new survival games are developed for PC and console. Although the details have not been revealed for the same work, two concept arts have been published. The one is a scene where two people stand at the exit of the depression and grassing forest. Vast plains and castle flavors are visible across the exit. On the other hand, on the other hand, the shadows of the bicycle and the building of the building are also seen. A world view that contemporary world and fantasy may be fused may be expanded. Also, with another image, a female rose person who has brought a fur clothes appeared. She is looking for a footprint in the forest with her arrow cylinder. Perhaps it appears as a role like a hunter.

According to this announcement, Blizzard is looking for new staff participating in the project. The most recruitment frame is large in the Art Division, and the Environmental Artist Character Artist Technical Artist VFX Artist Character Concept Artist is accepted. In the design sector, recruiting level designers. And in the engineering sector, we are looking for software engineers about engine audio server tools.

Mr. Mike IBARRA, who serves as a head at BLIZZARD, has already played a new project’s survival game with the team. He was excited, and he was excited to introduce the team’s vision and the new world that can be immersed. Also, regarding this case, also referred to Journalist Jason Schrader of the Overseas Media Bloomberg. According to Schrader, who is familiar with the BLIZZARD internal circumstances, also reports that the new project’s games and teams are acclaimed for new project games and teams. Newly expanded survival games seem to have a high reputation in Blizzard.

In Activision Blizzard, in July 2021, a lawsuit and accusation on internal discrimination issues such as sexual harassment was successive. Microsoft announces Activision Blizzard’s acquisition in January this year, Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV and Diablo IV. The acquisition of about 8 trillion yen is agreed, and he is trying to get under the umbrella of Phil Spencer, which led the Xbox business. While a new system was built, it has reached this announcement. In response to turmoil, some veteran staff are also conveyed to leave Blizzard. I would like to see what new IP to build up.

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