Handball EM: Denmark in the semifinals, France and Iceland hope

Handball EM: Denmark in the semifinals, France and Iceland hope

Denmark, France shortly before that – but also Iceland may still hope: The race for the semi-final places at the Handball EM is not yet finished in main round group 1. World Champion Denmark made the Netherlands on Monday in Budapest at 35:23 (21:12) and is safe with eight points safely in the leaflet.

Behind it, however, it remains open to qualify the two best teams of the six group for the final part. Olympic champion France sat down in the evening against Montenegro with 36:27 (16:12) and six points ranked two. Iceland, on the other hand, underlay Croatia with 22:23 (12:10) and continues at four meters, but has even opportunities.

Thanks to the Icelanders of their coup of the past Saturday: the direct duel with record world champion France had surprisingly won them (29:21), so at the last match day, follow the same, would be enough for rank two. France has to compete against the strong Danes on Wednesday, Iceland plays against Montenegro.


On Monday, Denmark’s back room Mikkel Hansen belonged to seven hits to the best passes of encounter, even more teammate Mathias Diesel presented himself with nine goals. For the Netherlands, Dani Siemens stabbed ASV Hamm-Westphalia with six hits from the German second division.

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Best Frenchman was not Top star Nikola Dramatic (4), but backspace player Dike Me (7). Montenegro’s most successful thrower was Milos Ludovic (7) from the Kuchens Berlin. Among the most striking Islander heard Omar Inge Mansion from SC Magdeburg with five hits, on the other side Ivan Martini came from the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf to the same yield.

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