“ICO allowed” … Democratic Media · ICT Special Source, Policy Conference

“ICO allowed” … Democratic Media · ICT Special Source, Policy Conference

In addition, the Democratic Party Sales Metropolitan Media and ICT Special Committee shall be held on the 24th that we have made a policy meeting on the future of the Block Chains, Pin Tech Industry and the Future of the Block Condition and Pin Tech Industry.

At this day, the Korean blockchain association and the Korean blockchain, and the Korean blockchain, the Korean blockchain, will enable virtual assets based on the blockchain, to create a 3 million high-income jobs, and the funds needed for the company to create a virtualization inclusion to build investor protection We proposed to allow ‘virtualized lung (ICO)’ procurement.

In addition, as a Korean blockchain association, such as the policy of the regulatory of the regulation of the virtual assets, the policy conversion of the policy, such as the tax reduction, such as the tax reduction, and specifically, Installation of the appliance, the virtual asset taxation deduction was currently upgraded to 250,000 won to 50 million won, and we propose a bank real name account issuance to small and medium ratios.


At this day, attendees have discussed how to apply a regulatory method to other financial markets, such as conventional financial markets, such as conventional financial markets, such as asymmetric regulations, and asymmetric regulations.

I also had an opinion that I needed a way to specify the actualization standards for small and medium-sized areas, which identifies the cases where the blockchain is applied to the business model, such as transaction costs, logistics reduction, and so on.

At the time of the day, the Korean Pin Tech Industrial Association side proposed to pass through the electronic financial transaction law amendment and relieve excessive network separation regulation policies. In addition, the Korea Pin Tech Industrial Association side is the introduction of the financial sector, the introduction of Small leans, and the NFT (CSS) and the enabled credit rating (CSS) and the enabled financial lending, We proposed establishing a national support system for start-up overseas.

The attendees need to review European Small Banking License Case for the introduction of Molly Sense. And a cluster that applies a regulatory sandbox to the Pinprick field and has a comment on a plan to focus on the site immediately in the field of localized local software throughout the local cluster.

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