Castle Morihisa brings feudal Japan to the genus DeckBuilding

Castle Morihisa brings feudal Japan to the genus DeckBuilding

Get ready to make your way up to the Morphia Castle. But it may not be so easy. The next Roguelike Deck Construction of Termite Games and SmokingBear Studio, Castle Morphia, brings feudal Japan to the genre. A press release on the game, its mechanisms and features provides more details.

Castle Morphia transports the player to a fantastic version of feudal Japan. The game offers four distinct classes, each with its own way of playing. The monk, the samurai, emoji and the ninja constitute the classes of the game. Everyone comes with a different deck and different powers. The player must learn what style of play he likes the most.

With vast games of more than three hundred cards and a class specific skill tree, the game offers many ways to customize your character. In addition to the players, players will face enemies and other heroes, all from Japanese folklore. With calculated strategies and clever combos, you may be able to overcome what awaits you at the castle. Yet the game is a roguelike, so a failure is to be expected and even welcome.

An ad trailer presents playable characters and gameplay.

By mixing both DECK construction systems and Roguelike design elements, we believe that players will look forward to their chance to walk to Castle Morphia. Shenyang CAI said, game producer at SmokingBear Studios.

Castle Morphia will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch on February 10th. In addition, at launch, the game will benefit from a 10% discount on its price of $14.99.

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