Hannover 96: Cup heroes miss victory against Dynamo Dresden

Hannover 96: Cup heroes miss victory against Dynamo Dresden

Hanover 96 upholders have not been able to transform the euphoria around the quarterfinal collection to the next victory in the 2nd football league.

Against Dynamo Dresden, the team of coach Christoph Borowski on Sunday did not go beyond a tough 0: 0 – despite some good possibilities. Thus, Hanover ranks further in the table with dynamo as twelfth a place behind the Saxony.


Four days after the sensational 3-0 in the Cup Eachelfinale against Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hanover immediately took over the game control again and came to the better opportunities. But Linton Main (21.), Maximilian beer (29.) or Cedric Teacher (38th and 48.) did not use their good options.

With increasing playing time, the level of the game was covered according to the table situation of the two teams. Hanover remained active, but failed either at the dynamo defense or at its own inability. Like Sebastian proud, who smears the ball miserably in a promising position (73.).

Dresden lost in the final phase Michael Photo with yellow-red card, a supposed foul foot for 96 was returned to video proof (85.).

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