Phil Spencer wants old Activision

Phil Spencer wants old Activision

Not only do we ask ourselves which Activision brands would have earned new games after taking over Microsoft. Also Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, has already made a few thoughts in this regard. After all, he has grew up gamer for many, many years of gamers and with some of the franchises.

Reserve popular brands

Spencer recently talked about this and other topics with the Washington Post. As soon as the acquisition is through, the Xbox team wants to talk about all studios of Activision about which brands from the Activision-Kosmos would like to work. The CEO wants to make sure enough resources are available to work on the brands with which Spencer grown up.

I I looked at the list of IPS. I’m my, go! King’s Quest, Guitar Hero… I should know it, but I think you also have witches. […] I’m really looking forward to the talks, I’m sure it is above all about obtaining the necessary resources and opening the possibilities.


Luckily not Facebook!

Phil Spencer seems very glad to be that Bobby Kotick Activision Blizzard in the end did not sell on Facebook . With concern, the Xbox boss looks at the fact that large tech companies like Apple, Google, Meta, Netflix and Tencent want to penetrate into the Games industry. Then Spencer continues to competently competing with Sony and Nintendo.

They have a long history in the Games industry. Nintendo would never do something that the industry hurts long-term because they themselves are an important part of this industry. At Sony it looks similar, I trust them. At Valve it is trusted Also so. If we look at the other major tech competitors from Microsoft: Google owns the search and Chrome, Amazon the shopping platform, Facebook The social network, all these are huge business models.

From the reason, Phil Spencer had also assembled in a timely manner after the takeover announcement with the Sony officers to clarify: Microsoft will comply with all existing contracts and arrangements between Activision and Sony. In addition, Call of Duty will continue to appear on PlayStation devices.

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By the way, Phil Spencer was recently in The Elder Scrolls Online Online, for a meeting with the executives at Zenimax. A small step towards Metaverse? The WOW community could also play a role in the future. After all, WOW is to lured 116 million active players to Azeroth over time. All of these MMO fans have already collected metaceous experiences, so the Xbox boss.

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