Derby victory and quarter-final

Derby victory and quarter-final

The engagement of Argentina in the Berlin Olympic Gaming 1936 was the fourth authorities Olympic performance organized by the Argentine Olympic Board. The delegation presented 51 athletes and also for the very first time he consisted of a lady, the swimmer Jeanette Campbell, who would certainly win a silver medal. The Flag was the Cartoonist Juan Carlos Cabala.

The Olympic team obtained 7 medals (two of gold, two silver and 3 bronze) and also 7 prize-winning placements. In the General Facility, it placed 23 out of 49 participating nations.

Boxing, as common in the video games to Mexico 1968, was highlighted by contributing four of the seven medals (1 gold, 1 silver as well as 2 bronze), 3 award-winning settings and accomplishing the third setting in the medal of self-control.
The other gold medal was won by the polo team, in the last inclusion of that sporting activity in the Olympic Games. For his component, the only female of the delegation, Jeanette Campbell acquired a silver medal in 100 meters freestyle.

Berlin’s hopes for a final home game in the DFB Cup rest on Union. On Wednesday evening, the Bundesliga club earned the prestige after derby with the citytrival Bertha BSC with 3: 2 (1: 0) and moved as last in the 2019/20 season to the round of the last eight.

Union new derby heroes were Andreas Voglsammer and Robin Knocked. Attacker Programmer provided artistic for the guidance of the guests (11th), the own goal of Niklas strong (50th) he put the Her than under pressure. Knocked (55.) Snapped Bertha’s interim connection hit by SEAT SE RDAR (54.) immediately. The 2: 3 also achieved Serial (90. + 4).

In the quarter-finals, the opportunities are on progress in view of the failure of many favorites. Bertha, which also lost the second season duel with the Köpenick, is the spectator role in the final on 21 May in the domestic Olympic Stadium, on the other hand, once again prematurely. Also, the status of number one in Berlin have given the blue-whites to the Union er ligated in the league.

Real Derby atmosphere occurred only 3000 event participants in the Olympic Stadium — this included around 2200 fans — not up. Brian was nevertheless the encounter for both teams. That’s what you got around on the bold places, Bertha’s Managing Director Fred BBC had said in advance. Union Captain Christopher Trimmed, who was first sitting on the bench, said, This is practically a final game.

Programmer with dream gate to Union leadership

Union let action follow and began with a lot of self-confidence. Max Ruse and Voglsammer came to first conclusions only seconds after the kick-off. In the consequence, guests forced Bertha with early pressing to mistakes, the team of coach Taken Workout had great problems in the game construction and was defensively pr1. Before the first contradicted Ruse over the left wing, his flank turned programmer worth seeing in the fall.

Union remained the better team. The team of Coach Urs Fischer was disciplined, barely cleared rooms and urged Bertha far into his own half. The playful obesity was clear — and also encouraged the 200 Union fans in the guest block. Berlin, Berlin, we drive to Berlin, you sang.

For another setback, Bertha received Video Assistant Robert Tampa, which corrected a trade meter decision of referee Deniz akin (32.). Bertha gave this upswing, until the break, the hosts appeared several times in the opposing penalty area.

After change, the derby was increasingly fair, too, because Bertha had a little cleared and created over the outside opportunities. The big drawback of blue-whites remained the defensive behavior. Strongly divided the ball in a failed defense attempt into his own goal, at Inches Hits did not agree.

Bertha BSC — Union Berlin: The statements

Bertha BSC: Schools — Molter (46th Park), strong (58th Richter), Boat, Central Cities — Acacia (75th Kevin-Prince Boating) — Court, Daria (87th See) — Richter (46th Matilda), Serial — Melodic.

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Union Berlin: Luther — Baumgartner, Knocked, Heinz (90th Jacket) — Ryerson (71st Trimmed), Hegira, OCCUPY — Tsunami (64. Yamaguchi), Propel — Kruse (71. Becker), Voglsammer (64th Bearers).

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