Anime “Shenmue the Animation” Trailer Ban-Key Visual with Main Characters Marked See also

In 1999, the trailer that recorded the latest video of Hence the Animation , which is the animated work of the action adventure game Sheng released by the Sega home game machine dream cast, was opened.

This work starts with the fierce past story of the main character, Sakai (Haven), and the intense action scene and mystery with her host enemy, Fiji (Latin) and a mystery are expanded. A magnificent story of the main character that strongly grows the city of beautiful Yokosuka in Nostalgic. In addition, key visuals have also been announced that the main character gathered in accordance with the relevant release of this trailer.

At these, the first cast announced. Mizushima Malaya, who played the Mizushima, who played the moon Rio with Sheng 1 and Sheng 2, and Akihito Samurai played the rip holder in Sheng 1 and plays the emperor again. The opening theme has been announced as an attention that the number of videos plays more than 80 million times is announced as undead-noid.

Mizushima Mahayana (Katsuki Katsuki)

Thank you for the miracle that the sequel release was experienced after 20 years thank you, and the miracle is continuing, and this time is the first animation! Sheng is a very big work for my life. I think that everyone who loved and gives you a share, but if you do not know the name, I think it would be nice if you could touch the world of Sheng. I also look forward to seeing it! Let’s enjoy together.

Ohio Samurai

I will serve as an emperor Akihito Samurai.
It is a private matter, but when I started a voice actor work, I was encountered with this work that I participated in the development test voice.
We had a valuable and exciting experience.
Such a Sheng restarts with animation. It was very nice news.
The world of Sherman who does not fade even after 20 years. I hope you can enjoy it with you.

Anime Hence the Animation Overview

Original Draft: Yuyun Suzuki (IS Net)
Original: Sega
Director: Samurai Friends
Series composition: Ohio Shimoyama
Character Draft: Rainy
Character Design:
Director Art: Nat sue Minamoto
Color design: Studio Road Kolyma Making
Acoustic Director: Edina Samundri
Music: Size Satsuma
Music production: Wave Master
Animation Production: Telecom Animation Film
Production: hence project

Opening Theme: undead-noid Ito Taro

Mizuki Mat sushi Malaya Mat sushi / Fiji: Hiroshi Samurai
@shenmue anime

(C) SEGA / Hence Project

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