Koticks letter about the purchase of activision by Microsoft: metaverse, culture and a key date

Koticks letter about the purchase of activision by Microsoft: metaverse, culture and a key date

Just a few minutes ago the agreement between Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard has been officially made for the purchase of this by Phil Spencer. The agreement, valued at 70,000 million dollars, will make all the studies and franchises of this giant video games join the already bulging portfolio of Satya Nadella.

In addition to knowing if the games will arrive at Xbox Game Pass, or if Call of Duty will be exclusive to the Green Console, there is another great question in the air, especially if we take into account the latest facts that occurred in the company: What will happen With Bobby Kick, CEO and Responsible for Activision-Blizzard?

The answer gives the Kick itself

Through an open letter of the CEO to all the workers of it, the company’s news has been treated. In addition to commenting on the purchase by Microsoft, various issues of the future are also reported. Today is an incredibly exciting day. We will continue our adventure to connect the world through epic entertainment, and we will do it as part of Microsoft, start the Kick Letter.

And the first thing Kick speaks after commenting on the company’s history is one of the fashion terms: Connecting these communities is the next step. Facebook, Google, Tencent, Ne tease, Amazon, Apple, Sony, Disney and many More have ambition for video games and by meters […] our talent and our games are important components of the construction of a rich met averse.

But the key part arrives here: Microsoft will also help us on our way to empower our culture. Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, has been really passionate when taking care of leadership. Inspire people through empathy is A powerful motivator, and one that we embraced to renew our intentions, mark a new standard as an inclusive workplace […] no culture of an organization, including ours, is free to need improvements, and thanks to your opinion, we are Making improvements in ours. My commitment is to evolve this culture so that Microsoft acquires an exemplary workplace.

And, finally, we have a date. According to the letter, the purchase will be completed about June 30, 2023, at which time Microsoft’s fiscal year is closed. Until that moment, Activision-Blizzard will be independent. And up to that date, until it is said otherwise, Kick will be like CEO of the company.

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