PlayStation Store: Bug ensures an excitement on the PS5

PlayStation Store: Bug ensures an excitement on the PS5

The PlayStation 4 (official acronym: PS4) is a fixed game console of Sony Interactive Amusement LLC (until April 2016: Sony Computer System Amusement Inc.). It existed as a successor to the PlayStation 3 on February 20, 2013, at a Sony interview. The launch was released on 15 November 2013 in North America as well as 29 November 2013 in Europe, South America as well as Australia. The PlayStation 4 remains in direct competition to Microsoft’s Xbox One as well as Nintendo’s Wii U as well as Nintendo Change. The PlayStation 4 is the total sixth game console of the brand PlayStation, except hardware alterations. On October 8, 2019, the successor PlayStation 5 was revealed.

An unusual discovery in the PlayStation Store throws questions in the PS5 community: PS3 games are suddenly provided with a price tag. Is it just a bug or could possibly put more behind it?

PS3 games move the PlayStation community currently in turmoil: Gamer report that several PS3 games are currently displayed in the PS5 store with price . While many of them simply suspect a long-lasting bug, others see a sign for improving the downward compatibility of the PlayStation 5.

PS3 games on the PS5: Prices provide confusion

Normally, PS3 games in the PS5 store have no price tag. Instead, is referred to games of the older console on the subscription service PS NOW . However, according to the community, various games are displayed with a price.

On Reddit, fans express the delicate hope that PlayStation works on the in-house downward compatibility . Some even put on the theory that it has to do with the supposedly upcoming merger of PS Now and PS Plus. However, other voices, however, considered that it is only a bug handle that has already occurred in the PlayStation Store in the past. (Source: Reddit)

  • Suppose that really happens: Will we be able to play our old PS3 discs on the PS5? Or is that just digital? (Reddit User Ravage primal)

  • This bug has already occurred earlier. But maybe it’s all the allegedly Xbox game passport competitor you want to put out. Apparently it will have different subscription levels and older games. But could be nonsense. (Reddit user crispy)

  • These games do not seem to have the PS-NOW logo, which either means that they are completely downloadable or it’s just a glitch. Sony should really work on the backward compatibility and the PS3 would be a great starting point, because though RPCS3 so Well, there are still not all games to be drawn there. (Reddit User IV1RUS0)

  • You have to remember that that happened several times in the last 8 years — it started with Mirror’s Edge shortly after the PS4 launch. After that, nothing has happened further. (Reddit User Show)

PlayStation Store: Glitch already known longer

In all likelihood, the PS3 prices are actually only a recurring glitch in the PlayStation Store. However, the emotional reactions of the community show that is a great yearning for more downward-compatible games . If PlayStation in the near future should actually merge the subscription Services PS Plus and PS Now to a Game Pass Competent, this could succeed.

In our video we show you 11 games, which would like to play again for the first time:

The PlayStation community is in turmoil because some PS3 games are displayed in the PS5 store with a price tag. While it is likely to be a long-lasting bug, many players secretly hope for a sign for better downward compatibility.

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